Spearmint (Mentha)

Latin: Mentha

Spearmint, Ayia Napa
Spearmint, Ayia Napa
English Spearmint
Greek: Δυόσμος
Turkish: Nane

Growing Spearmint

Like all plants in the mint family, spearmint does not play well with others and will spread enthusiastically around your garden or plot, if you let it. Keeping this aromatic herb in it’s own container will prevent this. If you want to give it some space, which it loves and which will prevent it getting root bound, then think about giving it a larger pot with some room to spread. Like mint, the original plants don’t last too long so by providing the extra space you can extend it’s life. In the case that you need to keep a spearmint plant in a smaller pot, remember to take cuttings and replant elsewhere so that you can always have it available.

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